FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Make sure to check back regularly, as this page is updated on a daily basis.

Who can ask for compensation?

Owners, who have purchased diesel cars made by VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda with Engine Code EA189 (EURO 5 and 6 Norm).

Can I get compensation if I bought a used car (I'm not the first owner)?

Yes and no. Theoretically, the answer should be yes. You actually have the same damage, even if the car was not new. Praxis shows however that these claims are much more difficult.

Another problem is that litigation financing companies often refuse to finance these "B-Grade" claims and focus only on new vehicles purchases.

Summary: you can register used vehicles too, and we'll do our best to negotiate these just like the new ones.

What happens with other engine types and other car manufacturers?

The cheating software is said to be installed on EA188 and EA288 engine types of the VW group.

Some expect Mercedes, BMW and Opel to fall into this category as well.

It is too early to say anything, but we will keep watching and report immediately once it gets confirmed. 

We recommend that you check back on our site regularly so that you don't miss the newest updates.

How can I ask for compensation?

Fill in the registration form.

Why do you need so few details and no documents at all?

At this stage, this is all that is necessary. This is just about reserving your place now. Later we will have plenty of time for all the details.

Is an out-of-court settlement a realistic expectation?

Never say never, but probably not.

How much is expected to be returned and when?

It will probably take 3-4 years and could result in getting 7-25% of the purchase price of the vehicle refunded if everything goes as expected. In the unfortunate case, it will not bring anything.

Do I have any risks in this process?


Whether we win or lose, we take the risk by ourselves. Except, if you want to share our risk by making an upfront payment, thereby increasing your future share of the income.

That comes later and requires your explicit consent (read more later).

Where will my lawsuit be filed?

At German Court.

Do I need to come to court hearings?

No, you don't need to. You can of course if you want to.

How will you notify me?

We will use the e-mail address, the telephone number and the address you presented during the registration process.

I prefer to return my car to the car manufacturer and ask for a refund. Is that possible?

That may be an option we can discuss later, yes.

I have had the software update performed. Can I still ask for compensation?

Yes, you can ask for compensation still (and we think you should).

I have sold the car in the meantime, can I still participate in the process?

That will not change your right to ask for compensation. You are good to go!

The car was purchased under a lease contract, is that a problem?

No. You are still entitled to compensation.

Are company cars OK, or only owned by private people?

It seems like this could be a problem. Current (discriminatory) regulations prefer to have claims from private persons only. We're still fighting this. We suggest that corporate clients register as well. 

How much will I have to pay in case of success?

You will have two options.

Once we can calculate our cost level (which among many other factors is heavily influenced by the number of cars registered), we will send you our official offer. Estimated to be in the range of € 750-900 per car, payable in 2 easy monthly installments, in advance. This could happen in 6-12 month from now. Should be the perfect choice for those who are willing to risk and want to win more in case of success.

Of course, you can always stay with the original offer, which is a 50% share of the received amount after we collected money. The decision is yours.

Those who cannot decide or make the payment in advance, will stay on "no-risk" plan.

Why are you asking for a fee at all? I thought nonprofits are there to help me.

This project requires a massive investment on our side. Our team of experts will be busy on this for at least five years (probably more) and we need to involve venture capital as well. All this costs money and includes a high level of risk. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Can I just ask for compensation without your help?

Yes, you can. We wish you good luck with that. Make sure you decide so before you registered with us. If you registered, you agreed to grant us your exclusive and irrevocable assignment on this case. 

Why shall I share this page? How will it help me?

If we reach high numbers we can effectively negotiate with these vast companies. The more people joined the case, the better chances. We have limited time left. We have to ask people to help us with social media sharing and recommendations.

Any other questions?

Contact us at info@eudiesel.com and we will be glad to help you!

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